Veterinary Compounding

Why use compounded medications for your pets?

Treating pets with medications can be difficult. By compounding medications into a form the pet will more easily accept, we can help minimize the trauma your pets experience when having to swallow a pill, etc. One of the ways we can do this is by adding animal friendly flavors such as tuna, beef, or liver to the medication which can turn a bitter oral medication into something they will happily devour. Commercial animal medications often only come in one size or dosage that may not be right for your pet. Our team of experienced compounding technicians can prepare a medication for your pet with the exact same active ingredients as the commercially available medication but in a size that’s just right for them. Furthermore, just like us, animals are often allergic to types of preservatives, dyes, or fillers that are commonly found in commercially available medication. We can compound medications that are dye-free or use a different filler (for example using cellulose instead of lactose) which will eliminate the risk of the medication having potential allergens. 

We don’t just compound medications for common household pets such as dogs and cats. We can compound medications for all animals, from horses to exotics, no challenge is too daunting for us!

Adding flavors such as liver or beef to bitter oral medications can make them more appealing to animals, minimizing trauma when administering the medication.

Commonly compounded veterinary medications

Potassium BromideGabapentin

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