Working Together for Patients

We share your commitment to providing the best possible treatment to your patients. This is why we are constantly bettering ourselves to ensure our medications are of the highest quality possible.

Commercially available medications are often not available in the specific strength or dosage form your patient needs to treat their condition or alleviate symptoms. Furthermore, your patient may be allergic to a certain filler or preservative in the factory-made medication. Prescribing compounded medication gives you the flexibility to request the specific strength and dosage form you believe will be most effective. 

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Why Prescribers Choose Us

-State-of-the-art sterile and non-sterile labs

-Experienced compounding team

-Competitive prices

-Excellent customer service

-Nationally accredited 

-Stringent quality control 

Doctors can send prescriptions to us by:

-Fax: (813)644-7067

-Phone: (813)644-7700

-Electronically (e-scribe)

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Quality and Safety

We have countless measures in place to ensure that we comply with state and national compounding regulation standards. This includes third-party testing, stringent safety and quality checks, and cleaning the facility on a regular basis.


We are committed to providing you service that is prompt, thorough, and simplifies your job. For every prescription that we receive we will work with you and your staff to ensure we understand exactly what you are prescribing the patient. We offer overnight shipping services to ensure your patients will receive the medications in a timely manner. 


Patient needs and demands are becoming increasingly more diverse as existing technology and research provides us with new information on a regular basis. We pride ourselves in our ability to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems. We are always finding new methods to provide the highest quality product in the most efficient way. 

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Order is received via phone call, fax, or e-scribe.

Order is reviewed for dosing and accuracy and processed by pharmacist.

Order is sent to the lab and compounded by our lab team.

Medication is assured by the pharmacist.

Order is packaged and shipped overnight.

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