Compounding is the ageless art and science of formulating personalized, prescription formulas per request, from scratch. In earlier times, all medications were compounded or prepared by pharmacists in local pharmacies. Now, because of the monetary benefits of factory-made medicine for large corporations, nearly all medications are commercially/mass produced. However, compounding is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, as physicians and patients realize the benefits of compounded medication. It eliminates the one-size fits all approach to medicine, and offers the flexibility to provide patients with the exact required dose, a preferable dosage form, and allergen-free medications.

The Benefits of Compounding

Personalized Medications

Reflective of you or your patient’s individual needs regarding allergies, dosage forms, or strength.

"Unavailable" Medications

When a medication is out of stock or temporarily unavailable, we can recreate the product.

Alleviate Financial burdens

That are imposed by rapid and unpredictable price increases.


If you, your child, your pet, or your patient hates taking medication because of the taste, we’re here to help!

Children have very developed sensory systems and are especially sensitive to unpleasant tastes and smells.  Their rejection of unpleasant medications is simply a reflection of their basic biological impulses! Adding kid-friendly flavors such as bubble gum, raspberry, or cherry to oral medications helps them to want to take the medication!

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Why Phycians Choose Us

Quality and safety

Patient safety and well-being is our number one priority. We have countless measurements measures and regulations in place to ensure we meet (and even exceed) state and national compounding regulations and standards.

Sterile and non-sterile LABS

Unlike many other pharmacies we have a sterile and non-sterile compounding lab. This means we can prepare a much larger variety of medications as patients needs and demands become more diverse.

Premium service

Not only do we compound the individualized medications your patients require, but we handle all the hassle that comes with shipping the medication. Our commitment to you is that our service will always be prompt!

Types of Compounding Services

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-Our state-of-the-art sterile and non-sterile labs embodies the level of care we invest in our business to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of medication possible. Our leading edge technology allows us to compound a large variety of medications including intravenous and intramuscular administrations. 

-USP <797> sterile rooms, one segregated for hazardous drugs, with cleanroom systems for product protection.

-HEPA-filtered airflow ISO Class 5 Laminar flow hoods to preserve uniform airflow, prevent sample contamination, and create a particulate-free work area.