Anti Aging

While the wisdom, maturity, and experience gained with age are desired by all, the physical signs of growing older are often less enthusiastically met. Crows’ feet, laugh lines, and age spots are all inevitable as we begin to age. However, there are several ways to slowdown and decrease the features of aging skin. Scientists and dermatologists have identified several external factors that increase the onset of aging skin, such as sun damage, stress, smoking, fatigue, poor nutrition, and skin products such as harsh soaps or detergents. 

At Southeast Compounding Pharmacy we work with patients and physicians to help rejuvenate your skin and even protect you from further damage through the use of customized medications. There are various approaches to tackle this challenge, ranging from dermatological products, to nutritional supplements, to bio-identical hormone therapy. 


Commonly compounded anti aging medications

TretinoinCyanocobalaminBenzoyl peroxideMinoxidil
HydroquinoneFinasterideKojic acid MIC injections
GlutathioneMeyers’ cocktailMagnesiumCalcium
B-complexBLT creamT3 or T3/T4Mythylcobalamin
HydrocobalaminVitamin CHRT

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